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Moroccan Mint

  Moroccan Mint I am pleased to present Moroccan Mint as the June 2021 Ravelry BAM CAL main square.  It is always an honor to have one of my patterns included in this CAL - I sincerely hope you enjoy!  If you have never heard of this group, you can get more information and join in the fun by clicking here . Inspired by mint leaves and the fluffy flowers that bloom atop their stalks, this pattern is intermediate to advanced , but comes together in just 15 Rounds!  It may need some light blocking. Special thanks to the following Ravelry Members for their help testing this square : Greenpants8, danika2407, MawMawsGarden, Silversigner, Ranthenae, tickleelmo, and hrdnglynne.   I appreciate your help and advice more than you can know!! The pattern is available as a free download by clicking here .  Your PDF should open in another window. Enjoy!! - Lisa

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