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Mordred! The arch-enemy of Arthur who bears a name that has become tantamount with evil and betrayal.  Variously portrayed as the villainous nephew of Arthur or the illegitimate son of Arthur through an incestuous relationship, either way, Mordred's fate is hopelessly intertwined with that of the King's. Ultimately, it is he that deals Arthur his final blow at the Battle of Camlann, but not before being fatally wounded by Arthur himself.
This is the 7th square in a series of squares inspired by The Legend's of King Arthur.  Watch for additional patterns to be released in the coming months!  You can link to the other patterns at the bottom of this post.  
Please note - this pattern, like the legends themselves, is not for the faint of heart.  It is an ADVANCED-INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED pattern.
A huge shout-out to the following Ravelry members for volunteering to test this square:
Mawmawsgarden,  madaboutpooh, skyhookdesigns, danika2407, Wuzzel, absintheofmalice, kaikel…

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