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Morgana, also known as Morgan Le Fay, or Morgan the Fairy, is a powerful enchantress and witch in the King Arthur legends.  Through the ages, Morgana’s character has oscillated between good and evil, however more recent versions of the tales tend to paint her as an antagonist to King Arthur.  She is perhaps most famous for her Vale of No Return, the magical domain where she lures and imprisons unfaithful lovers.  Though she is typically depicted as Arthur’s adversary, it is Morgana in the end who accompanies Arthur to the magical Island of Avalon - a final redemptive act.
This is the 5th pattern in a series of squares inspired by The Legends of King Arthur. Watch for additional designs to be released in the coming months!
Please be warned - this pattern, like the legends themselves, is not for the faint of heart! It requires an INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED skill level. 
Special thanks to the following Ravelry members for all their help testing:
MawMawsGarden, madaboutpooh, skyhookd…

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