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I crochet...I crochet a lot!  In the last couple of years alone I have made eight blankets, four sweaters, and numerous other miscellaneous projects.  I have designed several squares, as well as two large CALs, one to be released in 2019.

Most of these projects have been made with a single G-size hook.  It is amazing that I haven't lost it, but it is still in commission.  One day it occurred to me what a great buy that hook was!  With this little hook of mine, I have made all of that!  Thus the name of my blog was born.

I want this blog to grow into a community of like-minded crafters; those who find joy in creating and sharing that creativity with others.  I hope you will become a part of that community by subscribing and commenting.  It is truly amazing what we can create with just a little hook, a bit of yarn, and good old ingenuity.  Let's let our hooks shine!

You can also find me on Ravelry here.


  1. Hi Lisa! Lovely to find your blog. I cannot take on any more projects right now, but will look back here as I like the square with the three flowers in the centre. Do you think it could be stopped at twelve inches?

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for commenting. I am glad that you like the Arizona square - it is a fun and very challenging square to make. I think it would be difficult to cut it back to 12" without doing some pattern modifications. The round center portion is a good 10". If you stopped there and just squared it off at that point, you might be able to make it work, but you would have only an inch on each side of the circle to work with.

    I look forward to having you look back as time allows. BTW - I absolutely loved your Lollipop Star pattern. Thanks again for checking in :)


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