Sidetracked Ornament??

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I feel free to allow my thoughts to turn to the beloved Christmas season.  I am looking forward to getting my Christmas tree out and covering it with the hundreds of dazzling and extremely eclectic ornaments I have gathered through the years.  My favorites are always the handmade ones - some from grandparents, some from dear friends and co-workers, and of course those very cherished kiddie ornaments made by my children in grade school.  It is always a time to reflect on those special moments from Christmas' past.

To help with the Christmas spirit, I decided to rummage through patterns last night in search of an ornament to make.  I settled on the Scandinavian Hearts pattern designed by Haak Maar Raak.  This adorable pattern was part of the 2017 Scheepjes CAL - the free Ravelry pattern link can be found here.

I must confess that I was a little nervous about attempting this pattern at first - since it is written in UK terms.   Once I saw that the pattern uses only slip stitches, chains, and double crochets (single crochets in US terms), I breathed a sigh of relief.  I figured even my feeble mind could handle translating just one stitch!

The pattern worked up quickly, and as I crocheted, I pondered using up all my scraps to make dozens of these ornaments - as if I need them!  But alas, it wasn't to be - an ornament anyway.  Once I finished I decided it was much larger and flimsier than I thought it would be; it wouldn't work well on the tree. But.....that gave me another idea.

I quickly whipped up another heart, sewed the two hearts together using a single crochet border, added a little stuffing, and voila - I now have an adorable pin cushion and hook organizer:

I must say, I need a pin cushion and hook organizer MUCH MORE than I need another ornament.  None the less, my hunt for ornament patterns will continue today, so if you have any wonderful ideas, send them my way!

I think I will make this one more time using some brighter colors.  It was a quick easy project that shows sometimes getting sidetracked in life is okay - it often ends up working out for the best.


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