Tiny Typhoon

Tiny Typhoon

Is it spinning to the left or spinning to the right?  Whichever way you look at it, this tiny typhoon is nothing to be afraid of.  At just 6" in size, it is too small to cause any harm, but big enough to add variety to your project.

I am pleased and honored to have this square used in the 2019 Ravelry BAM CAL as the December 6" selection.  The link to the free PDF is below.

Special thanks to the following Ravelry members for their help testing this square:  madaboutpooh, skyhookdesigns, MawMawsGarden, hrdnglynne, and Berniece.  Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!



You may download a printable PDF of this pattern by clicking HERE.  Your PDF will open in another window.

Please Remember:

This pattern was written and designed by me, Lisa Mauser, for This Little Hook of Mine. I am happy to share it with you, but this pattern belongs to me and I retain all rights.  You may not distribute, sell, or share this pattern, or any parts of it.  If you wish to share the pattern, please refer the party you are sharing it with to the original pattern link. Though this pattern has been tested, it is not perfect.  If you find a mistake, please let me know in the comments below or through the contact me button and I will fix it.

Thank you for respecting my property.  I really hope you enjoyed the pattern!


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