Happy Friday the 13th everyone.  I am using this opportunity to introduce my new square, Superstition! This square does have a four-leaf clover in the middle, and I am releasing it on Friday the 13th, but that isn't why it is called Superstition!  To find out the real reason you will have to make it and see😏.

Please note - this is an ADVANCED pattern.  It features a large variety of stitches including numerous puff stitches which can affect size depending on tension.

Special thanks to the following Ravelry testers for their time and efforts:

MawMawsGarden, koernerklaus, Paradx, madaboutpooh, and Wisdom61.

I appreciate your help more than you will ever know!!

- Lisa

You may download the free PDF of this pattern HERE.  Your PDF will open in another window.


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